Is It possible (and feasible) to use MPS for build script?

It seems to me that it is possible to use MPS as a high level build script, instead of nAnt or Msbuild. Is that correct?

If so where can I find examples and tutorials for this?

It is probably just me, but I am having trouble discovering this information.

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Hi, Thomas,

We have a documentation for our build.* languages here They were designed primarily for building MPS solutions and languages and plugins with them, so a big part of the functionality is MPS-specific and so are the tutorials. However, you can use it to build and package java code too. Build language can describe java modules and libraries with their dependencies, compile and package them into various types of archives. And missing functionalty can be added if needed since build languages were designed to be extended. For examples you can study how language adds building MPS modules capability and allows to run tests in them.


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