MPS seems truly awesome, and I have a few quick questions (I've read the posts that were ANTLR related already):

What happens after I am done with defining my new language? Can I export an AST visitor for it as a jar (i.e. to be able to parse my language in Java), as I would with ANTLR4?
Basically my question is: can I use the new language without the MPS IDE, after I'm done with it?

(If not, than what is MPSs purpose exactly? Why would I define a new language, if it can only be used from the context I made it in :)?)

Thank you, and keep up the good work! :)

Pap Lőrinc

ps. please delete, I posted it in the wrong section
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Here is just a quick answer:
ANTLR is a parser generator and MPS is a language workbench. Since MPS has a projectional editor it even needs no parser generator inside (you can have a look at Xtext, which is based on ANTLR). Because of this editor you can't edit your input files with notepad, vi, emacs, gedit or whatever. If this is important for you, you should keep your hands of MPS.
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Hello, Pap Lőrinc!

There is a way to export your language and use it outside MPS - pack it as plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.

To use packed language you also need to install MPS plugin for IDEA which allows to use projectional editor.

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