Error during standalone IDE creation:cannot find xxxxxx.jar in local layout

xxxxx is the name of the stub jar. It is an ordinary jar file and added as a stub to my language and as a runtime library to my solution. I am trying to export my solution and language as a new IDE. But I could not resolve cannot find xxxxxx.jar in local layout error. I could execute root concepts of my solution, but I could not export a new IDE. I have tried to change localtion of jar file into several places under the project folder but nothing changed. Could you explain how can I deal with this error? Thanks a lot.
Hi Deniz
It's not entirely clear what is happening, seeing the build script would help. Or maybe you can tell what exactly in the build script causes that error. But if you want to physically include your jar into your distribution package then you will have to write in the layout section something like
file <path to your jar file>

Also, it would help if you told us more about the structure of your language/solution. It's not clear where exactly jar is added as stubs (to the solution?) and whether the solution is a runtime solution for the language or not.
Same is for creating an MPS plugin. Until now I could not figure out whats going on :(
My jars are in the languages/<langname>/lib directory which is the standard."Load required information from file" intention leads to a not working build model.
Interesting enough the jars for a solution were found without problems. Could be a bug in MPS 2.5.4, I'll try MPS 3... No, doesn't work too.
I re-visited this problem again (this time I wanted to build an MPS plugin of the great Editor2PDF project by Campagne Laboratory Daniil, you guessed right, at least in my case. The runtime solution needs three jars. The generated build description gets it right in the "mps group" section for the solution. There all three jars were declared as (extracted) jar. But additionally one has to add by hand the same three jars in the "default layout" section as "file <path-to-file>". So maybe that's a bug in the wizard.
I have pushed a build script that makes a plugin zip file for Editor2Pdf (see Github:

I did have to adjust the build file manually to include the jar files in the layout of the zip file. I agree that this is not optimal, since all the information is available to MPS (the project builds), the build file should be created complete if at all possible.

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