How to check for MeetType

I have a value with some type (A || B). That type I get from "Show Type". I guess that this a MeetType. Am I right?

Now I want to check for these kinds of values in an operator override. Specifically I want to override a MultiExpression with a left operand type: "new node<MeetType<C>>" where C is a supertype of A and B. So I want to allow the operation for both A and B types. How do I express this in MPS?
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Meet type is displayed as "meet<A&B>". You can look the concept of the type node in the bottom left pane of "Show type" dialog.

Also, meet type is defined as a subtype of all its operands. Join type is although a supertype of _either_ of its operands.

As to your second question, please provide an example of code.

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