state machine language for MPS 1.0


I tried to install the MPS 1.0.1 to check the state machine language, that is only available for this version of MPS.

Got a few questions - where should i place the state machine language files -

I placed them into the platform folder.

And when I load the MPS - state machine language is available, but it's generator shows a lot of errors.

Maybe someone could help me with it? I try to check out the stateMachine language on MPS 1.0 and then try co convert it for the MPS 3.0 version. Or maybe there is already some cool state machine language for MPS 3.0.

Thanks is advance!

Maybe it's simpler just to look at the state machines implemented in mbeddr project ( This one runs under 3.0 at least ;)
Good idea! By the way - are there any generators for the baselanguage\java for mbeddr statemachines available?
As their primary target is embedded C, I don't think they also generate their statemachines into Java. But the C-targeted generator is quite the same.
BTW, I'm the guy that worked with V. Gurov and M.Mazin some time ago with early version of mps, and we are friends in vk. I don't use it now, can you drop an email to I started to use MPS quite a lot and just have some questions. If it is possible can I catch you somewhere and ask them? ;-)

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