smart editor actions?

In the Actions aspect, I see the AST root node Smart Editor Actions, but I when I look in the code base of the MPS platform, there is no example of this type of action. This makes me wonder this this type of action root node is still meant to be used by end users in MPS 3+.
Furthermore, once the root node is created, the 'surround with actions:' section provides no way to add anything in the attribute. Again, this suggests the action is there mostly for backward compatibility. If that is the case, should this action be marked as deprecated?

If it is useful for something, where can I find an explanation/example of what it does? Thanks.
Thanks a lot for this question. The thing seems to be super-outdated, but we've missed it for deletion.
Now, "surround with" is performed through intentions aspect ("Surround-With intention" root type), and "generate" is performed by actions in GenerateActions action group.
I'll check with the team and deprecate this concept.
Hi Mihail,

Vaclav and Alexander have clarified this question for me and the info you describe is now included in my book:

However, it would be great if you could deprecate these concepts so that it is clear for everybody. I identified a few other AST root nodes that should really be deprecated. I can provide a list if this would help. Best,

This would be great, of course.
Just post the list here or email me at

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