Text generator unit tests


I'd like to create a node and then write the expected text output for it as an easy way to specify text generator unit tests. How can I do this in MPS? Or should I implement my own solution for this?

Thanks in advance.
I'm interested in this feature, too. At the moment I put my generator results into an SVN repository and check for changes after each test. But of course this is not exactly what a unit test should look like.
I'm also interested in this kind of testing. Are there any progress or planned extensions?

Thank's in advance,
In MPS we test it just like fabma proposed.
Also, see my reply to LaAck in this topic http://forum.jetbrains.com/thread/Meta-Programming-System-1050?message=Meta-Programming-System-1050-1 if you are interested in testing other aspects.
As Doris, the developer, I can create a unit test from a context menu so that I can quickly get to writing test code, not setting up projects and files.

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