Is it possible to bring a file's content (Say the file has a list of options)into auto completion menu?

We are working on a project which has a back end storage. Similar to a movie database. If i want to pick a movie to read its review, I must be able to pick it from the auto completion menu. The list of stored movies can be made available in a file. I wish to know if there is some way to get that content into the auto completion menu.

I suggest you to implement custom persistence loading model content from the database. In the end you will have model with all movies in it, so you can use MPS way to auto-complete reference there.
Thanks for the reply Alex.
What is the 'MPS way to auto-complete reference'? I am new to this tool. Some kind of an example would be of great help.
What is "custom persistence loading model"? How do i use it?
"Custom persistence" allows your languages to load/store the model in other formats than the MPS internal XML one, such as plain text files or database. You may check out for details on how to do that.

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