Examples and Templates

The success of MPS would greatly depend on templates and examples you give. Is it possible to have some common languages and concepts implemented so this can be used as a starting point for new development.

Some examples we could use:
HoTT Type Systems Examples
Redex (http://redex.racket-lang.org/) like language with definable type environment
GADT, Variants and Polymorphic Variants
Higher Order Patten matching
Higher Order Kinds
Higher Order Messages
Active Objects
Process Algebras and Calculi

If you can impliment something like http://typesafe.com/activator where you have both community and JetBrains controbuted templates it would be great. Also it would be good if you can give some advance examples and templates to do some of the above.
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Yes, these would certainly help show the power of the concepts behind MPS to certain groups of potential users and we'd love to have more samples like these implemented.
For the time being we'll have to rely on the community to come up with additional sample implementations from various domains and perhaps share them through JetBrains.
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1st you have to have some more advance tutorials on thins like this before someone can start this.

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