Close Issues and Rough Corners in Using as a GPL Development Tool


Is it possible to close gaps in MPS with regard to using this as a general purpose language development tool. Also better optimisation of output and using low level languages like Byte Code, CLI, LLVM IR, ASM, Machine Code targeting and as base languages?

With translation between languages planned this would mean you can translate between the low level languages.

Ideally I would like to see MPS come to maturity where it can be used as the core of all you language products which would mean this has become a solid tool.

At the moment MPS is primarily targeted as a DSL development tool, not a general-purpose one.
It is not that this would not be possible, just the focus is on DSLs, since this seems like a more viable direction for MPS.
This is such a great tool with so much potential. I personally would like to see the GPL option open.
This can become a great tool for PLT research if this is extended in scope. Only a few more a steps along the direction MPS is going needs to be done to get there. If this is done this will definitely be used as a Language construction tools when designing new languages and supporting them. JetBrains can benefit by using it with other offerings. Industry can benefit and also getting JetBrains more exposure and enlarging the MPS community. Also academia can benefit and start using MPS as a research tool again strengthening the community and exposure to JetBrains.

So please make this PLT Paradise tool.
Becoming a GPL / PLT tools would bean you can support much richer specifically optimised code generation from the DSL. One big blocker is base language => compiled code phase which is not converted to make the DSL code optimal. Same concepts can be used to achieve this by having lower level languages as base languages.

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