How to customize the code completion menu?

Hi community,

I like the MPS language workbench pretty much. However, I have a general and a more concrete question. It would be great if anybody could help. :)

1. In general: I found the "actions" aspect for customizing e.g. node replacement in your editor. Is it possible (and if yes how?) to substitute nodes of a certain type with nodes of a different type automatically when changing the type of another certain node?

2. Concrete: I want to populate the code completion menu with integer literals already defined in a variable initialization statement, i.e. there already is a multi-valued variable initialization node in the models AST and I want to use its values as code completion suggestions. How would you do this? As far as I know one may define different concepts with a particular initialization respectively. In my case I have the same concept but with different initializations. Is this possible and how? ^^

Thank you very much in advance,

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