name resolution after importing java sources

I create models from a number of Java sources. If I check the models, I get many errors. However, when I open a model in the editor, some sort of name resolution happens and the error disappears. Since I have many models, opening each one by hand will take a long time. Is there a non-interactive way to make this resolution happen? Why does it not happen automatically?
Try to press the Perform Quick Fixes in the Model Checker panel below the errors.
There are quick fixes which are applied automatically if a root node is opened.
Mixed results on that. The number of errors went down. However, after rechecking, there are still some errors that are not present when I open the model to look at them, which suggests that some name resolutions are not being performed by the quick fix.
I'm not sure if I could give you further help on this issue. But it would be useful if you will provide some of the error messages.
Here are two of the error messages:

type is not a subtype of java.lang.String

type string is not a subtype of int

These are attached to the parameters in: new File(f, name) in

protected File appendComponent(@NotNull() File f, @NotNull() PathnameComponent c) {
  string name = c.toString();
  return new File(f, name);

Looks like the checker is using the wrong constructor.

If I run the checker again, the errors are no longer reported.
Another set of error messages:

reference ImproperParentReferenceException (baseMethodDeclaration) is out of search scope

Recursive constructor invocation

The ImproperParentReferenceException constructor actually calls super(). The superclass is IllegalArgumentException.

Seems like there is a problem with constructors.
Hi Alan
This also seems to be a bug. I'll be fixing this and the others you've found, soon. Would be great if you filed them to YouTrack. If not, I'll try to dig them from here.

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