cannot resolve reference by string (during TextGen)


I have a concept CApplication that has a reference "application" to a GenericApplication, one of my Concept.
Than in a solution I have an instance of CApplication that reference an instance of GenericApplication.

The CApplication textGen should access the generic application, but when I run the rebuild I get the error in the subject. Both concept are INamedConcept.
The strange thing is that when a click on GenericApplicationInst from the editor of CApplication the reference is resolve by the IDE without problem.


couldn't resolve reference 'application' from [root] CApplication <no ref>[3786283707038078197] in merl.sandbox.expense@0
– cannot resolve reference by string: 'GenericApplicationInst'
– was input: r:539[snip]

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I figured out the cause: the GenericApplication concept has a template and was used by the Generator, I would like to generate a file.

I do not understand if this is a bug or is something expected to work this way.
I have resolved the problem moving the generator and the template in another concept.

In case someone is interested to reproduce this problem I can help with an example.
MPS version is 3.1 RC2 .

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If you did not mind sharing the project that fails, I'd be happy to have a look at it.

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