QuickFix for a non existing reference?


i have to choose a reference in the editor, but in some cases i do not want any from the list. In this case it would be nice to have a quickfix, which generates an new object with the name from the given string. Is there any possibility to do so?

Thank's for answering.
I think, this could be done by writing an action or an intention, which will get the focused cell from an editor context, then try to recognise object of which type the user meant by typing "invalid" string (method, field etc) and will allow to introduce a field/method/etc and automatically replace the "invalid" string with a valid reference.

You can look at ImportModelByRoot for an example of getting an "invalid" string from an editor
Thank you for your answer but where can I find ImportModelByRoot?
Ctrl-N/Cmd-N, "AddModelImportByRoot" (sorry, gave you a wrong name of an action)
It's in j.m.ide.editor solution

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