Generate Web Application, use database model


I'm very interested in MPS. I watched a lot of tutorials and I have a concrete idea what I want to do with MPS. But I'm not 100% sure if I can do this with MPS.

My plan is to use an external datamodel that I've created with Power Designer. From there I want to reuse the information about tables and views and map these information to an entity dsl created with MPS. The plan is to reference tables/views from the entities.

In the next step I want to describe CRUD interfaces inside a MPS model. Theses CRUD interfaces should reference entities, that should be shown/edited with these CRUD interfaces.

Finally I want to create a generator, that should generate JPA entities and a CDI/JSF/EJB based web application.

My questions are:

  • Is it a good idea to this with MPS? Are there any reasons why it can't work?
  • Has anybody done something similiar and can tell me some of the made experiences?
  • Is there a best practice how to play with external models (e.g. transform it into an MPS model)?

I'm happy about every comment, so please respond.

Best regards


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