Newbie: Help with "Constants" Tutorial

I've gone through "episode one" of the this tutorial series and while there were some minor differences between my and their version of MPS, I got through it just fine.  I've run into trouble with the second episode.


At about 8m30s, the type of the static field declaration is parameterized with a COPYSRC macro.  We've defined the input of the template-based generator as a "Constant" (reduce_Constant), which has been given a single child ("initializer") from the Expression structure(?) of the baseLanguage.  In the video, completion finds the "type" property(?) of the "initializer".

In my version of the project, I get no such completion for "type" (if I type it in, I get an "AbstractConcept" error).  I then opened the sampleJavaExtensions/languages/Constants project for comparison.  That project seems to work just fine; I attempted to make mine look as much like the sample without adding new features not yet presented in the tutorial series - no luck.  I tried many variations of rebuilding/(project/model)checking, etc.

Since I'm new, I don't know what else to try; can someone recommend how I might debug this?

I've attached the build.number file from my MPS installation directory.


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