Boring n00b preliminaries...

Hi all,

Wanting the best viewing/editing experience on a Surface Pro 3 with 12.0" 2,160 × 1,440 (3:2) 216 dpi screen.  On initial install fonts are very small.

It seems I can go into File-Settings-[Appearance|Editor] and play with font sizes.  Alternatively, maybe there's a need for a setting like -Dis.hidpi=true, but I'm not sure how to set this, if that turns out to be what I'm supposed to do.

Any tips on best strategy?
(...before I start dipping my toe in with thinking about a Food Language.)
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fwiw, I decided to just go with the File-Settings approach using Consolas 20.

On matters physical, the clip-on keyboard that comes with the device doesn't have an Insert key.  An on-screen "projectional input" keyboard would never have that problem.  Of course, I can't also type my usual 100+ words per minute when poking at glass, but I suspect that with DSLs, wpm is hardly a measure of worth.

So this obviously leads me to wonder what benefits, if any, "projectional input" (a composition of on-screen, physical, touch, pen, voice, motion, etc.) might bring in conjunction with the "projectional editors".

Just wandering and wondering aloud.

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