Meaning of dependency scope "Extends" and Active editor context hints

Hi community,

working with MPS becomes more and more comfortable but still there are some "interpretation and howto issues". Most important for me are currently the following:

1. I've split up my DSL into four language modules for several reasons. I introduced a module of "shared concepts" to avoid cyclic dependencies. In one module I defined two different projections for the same concept (via editor context hint). This also affects a "shared concept"'s representation and actions. But this changed representation and the actions only makes sense if the module extending "shared concepts" is available. So I want to define these aspects in the extending module. In order to do this I've set the dependency scope to "shared concepts" to "Extends". But when creating e.g. a node factory I cannot choose the shared concept for "node concept". Is there any known solution to this kind of problem?

2. In some situations/code places I need to access the editor context hints currently active programmatically. Is there any possibility to retrieve these information? In MPS 3.0 one could type<...>)...

Thx again very much in advance,

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