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Hi everyone,

I mentioned in a previous thread that I am working on a toy-language as a learning-by-doing approach to MPS.

I would like to implement a generator that creates a Java function with n parameters.
My DSL allows the user to write something like

    FUNC Name1
        PARAM P1:SomeTypeA
        PARAM P2:SomeTypeB
    FUNC Name2

The generated Java output should be something like

public static void FuncName1(SomeTypeA P1, SomeTypeB P2)

public static void FuncName2()

I already created a $LOOP$ to generate the function stubs. But how do I create the lists of parameters? Can I achieve this with the $LOOP$ macro as well? If yes, how do I get the comma in between parameters?

One additional question: The name of a function is derived by saying "Func" + node.name in the respective property macro. Let's assume I have to refer to those names in other places. Can I reference a name somehow? Please note that a $LOOP$ generates the functions and their names but I would like to refer to only one of those functions (for instance to simulate a call).

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