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I know that MPS primarily maps DSL onto Java (for example) and than runs.
But i need slightly different functionality.
Can i using MPS interpret DSL at runtime ? For instance, if i have a text area in my app and someone writes a code in that area, clicks execute button and code is interpreted.

It is possible ? If yes, how can i do that ?
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interpreting models (programs) in MPS is also possible, although you'd have to implement the required infrastructure, such as the call stack, manually.

MPS is focused on projectional DSLs, so parsing text (e.g. from a web form's text area) is generally out of scope. Currently the languages can only be edited inside MPS, IntelliJ IDEA or a standalone Java apps built from MPS.

MPS in the next version (3.5) will come with a projectional web editor (aka "intelligent" web text area, for example). This will allow MPS languages to be used through the web browsers.


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