Load Plugins at MPS Startup


I have created a Plugin and added group and Actions to it. Inside Actions I have added a ModelChange Listener to my current SModel and wants to listen the changes in model. I want my plugin to be hooked by MPS Startup and start collecting the Models in Currently Opened Project and then start listening the model that is currently loaded.

I am not sure how to register my Plugin at MPS Startup so that I don't have initialize it Manually.

I had a look on post at forum: http://forum.jetbrains.com/thread/Meta-Programming-System-868 but I did not understand below steps:
2) create an ApplicationComponent, register it in the IDE through plugin.xml

  • How to create an Application Component, or in my use case what is an Application Component? How do we Register in Plugin.xml, I mean which Options I need to click in Plugin Model?
3) add parameter in its constructor, with type MPSModuleRepository

--- How and where do I need to add this MPSModuleRepository?

Can anyone help me with any sample example or few simple steps?


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