I'm able to set an NodeAttribute only if first the attribute gets deleted

I don't know if the one in the subject is an expected behavior or a bug.

My concept has an attribute with role "comment". The following do not work.
node.@comment = newNodeComment;

This is working:
node.@comment = newNodeComment;

Without delete the attribute remaing unchanged.
Tested in 3.1.5 from an intention code.
Indeed, this is the currently implemented behaviour, although, admittedly, somewhat puzzling to the user.
BTW genContext.show info statements from a pre-process mapping script are not displayed on Messages window, genContext.show warning is working.
Obviously I have the "Show Information Messages" enabled and I see default generatator Info messages (textGen, copytraceInfo, generate...).
Emitting generator infos/warnings is enabled by setting the "Show informational messages"/"Show warnings" flags on the Generator configuration pane in the Project settings.
The buttons on the Messages window lets you filter messages, but do not say the generator, whether to emit them or not.

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