Delete action in Cell action map for references to the applicable concept

Hi everyone,

I am creating a very basic graphical language in MPS, and I have run into an issue when trying to delete a connection/connector from the diagram. I have created a "cell action map" with a "delete action" for the concept that is drawn as a connector. I have succesfully deleted the node itself (and its connector representation) by using the delete action. The problem is that I also want to delete some references that are pointing to the deleted node from the "delete action" of the node under subject. I can programmatically access all these references to the deleted node and I am trying to delete/remove them. This somehow seems not to be working. Is there a restriction (maybe something to do with access permission from the cell action map) impeding me to do that? Is it possible to do this differently? Has anyone ever run into the same problem?
I don't think there's a restriction of this sort in MPS.
Violating access restrictions would most likely give you some feedback. Are there any errors reported in the Messages view?
Now I realized that the delete action that I implemented is never invoked. When I delete the connection, the default behaviour is the one being executed all the time, no matter what code I have in my delete action. Is it possible that these delete actions are disabled?
Ok, I found out what I was doing wrong. It is quite silly, because I forgot to change the "action map" field in the concept editor's inspector to my own "cell action map".
Vaclav, thank you for your time!
This can happen quite often. I wonder if adding a warning on an action map that is not referenced by any editor would help others notice similar problems more efficiently.

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