MPS plugin for Intellij 14 edition


I can't install current MPS plugins 3.1.5 in intellij 14 due to platform restriction. 3.1.5 plugin allows until 135.6 and intellij 14 I have is 139.x.
Can we have access to an updated intellij plugin please ?
Thanks for your attention.
I installed MPS 3.2 EAP3, from MPS I installed the intellij plugin.
I restarted Intellij and I see Jetbrains MPS integration in the plugin list (version 3.2).
The problem is I don't have any MPS framework to configure a project or module with it.
Hi Louis,

please uninstall this plugin - it is useful for developing MPS, but not for using MPS in IDEA. That's why you cannot normally see it in the IDEA plugin repository. We should perhaps remove the menu entry from the final 3.2 release to avoid confusion.

The proper way to install plugins is through IDEA's plugin manager. Unfortunately, IDEA 14 currently does not seem to have a compatible 3.1 plugin available. A 3.2 EAP plugin can be downloaded from and installed manually by copying into the IDEA's plugin folder.

Unfortunately you can't use MPS plugin 3.1.5 with IDEA 14 due to changes in IDEA that conflicts with plugin.
But you right - you can use MPS 3.2 EAP plugin from

I restarted Intellij and I see Jetbrains MPS integration in the plugin list (version 3.2).

It seems that IDEA can't see plugin. To install it - unzip to IDEA's plugins folder.
I managed to install the plugins from the mps 3.2 EAP plugin zip file by copying to plugin folder.
I would have liked a simple solution based on a repository (local) to ease the use by my team members.
Strange thing is that once the MPS facet installed on a module in a project, I could not create a model in the modelds folder stereotyped model in the MPS facet.
I had to add baseLanguage to the MPS facet on the module. I find it strange.
But at the end I have a working plugin in intellij. I will try now to deploy my languages.

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