!TextGen not found for 'jetbrains.mps.lang.smodel.structure.SEnumMemberType'!

Hi, into a node substitute -> parameterized item I have used this to return a list of string:
parameterized item
  parameter type = string
      (parentNode, currentTargetNode, childConcept, model, operationContext)->sequence<string> {
        enum/JSUnaryOperator/.members.select({~it => it.value; });
prettyPrint(); But this way I get the error into the subject in ...actions/QueriesGenerated.java.
I don't know if it's a bug.
In the meanwhile I'll revert to a foreach statement.
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It seems like a 3.1 issue to me, since 3.2 works fine. I'd suggest the following way, though:

parameterized item
  parameter type = enummember<JSUnaryOperator>
    (parentNode, currentTargetNode, childConcept, model, operationContext)->sequence<enummember<Bar>> {

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