MPS gives "Error:Could not Create Java Virtual Machine" when launched on Windows 64 bit with JRE 32 bit

We have been facing inconsistent behavior of MPS 3.1(Build MPS-135.1462) in Windows 7 64 bit Machine having JRE 32 bit.We get error popup when we click mps.bat saying "Error:Could not Create Java Virtual Machine". This error popup comes many times and then after trying 3-4 times or after re-booting machine , its gets started as usual. We don't want to point JRE 64 bit. Any idea , why this error occurs  and any workaround or fix for this.
Below is content of mps.exe.vmoptions:
  • Xms450m
  • Xmx1024m
  • XX:MaxPermSize=256m
  • XX:NewSize=256m

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Though your issue is getting resolved with rebooting i doubt you may have some problem with you mps cache.
And regarding the java version issue you can look into the "mps windows batch file" located in the mps installation folder, in that file we have jdk section. have a look into that and if that resolves your issue.

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