Integrating generated files with other systems

as far as I understand, I have to regenerate a model when I make changes to it.
The fastest way seems to activate "Incremental generation" in the settings
and press the shortcut for "Make Solution" after a change. The model automatically saves.
"Make model" doesn't have a key binding by default.
1. Is this the best way to do this?

I'd like to automatically transfer a generated file for example per ftp to another device.
I achieved nearly what I wanted by exporting my language as an Intellij Idea plugin.
Then I press "Make project", the files are generated and I can use Tools->Deployment
and transfer the generated files when they change.

2. Are there similar shortcuts as in 1) in Intellij Idea (For example "Make model")?
I don't always want to make the whole project.

3. Can I do the same in  MPS when I install the plugin, that contains the deployment tools?
Or am I only able to preview the generated text?

4. Can I automate the previous steps? For example:
- edit model
- A shortcut/button is pressed while editing -> Model is saved, model is regenerated,
  files are generated.
- files can be automatically transfered.

The main question is if it is possible to integrate my languages in a way that
they can be used in this way: I edit a model using my DSl -> I save it -> Another device/computer/programm... receives
the generated files and uses them as input. Or is the only solution custom persistence?
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In this case, I would look into extending the Make Framework to transfer the generated file as part of Make. You can do this by writing a new Make Facet with a suitable Target (look for pointers on this forum, or second volume of my book when these chapters are released).

Custom persistence would probably not work because it serializes the input model, not the generated one.

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