Creating new data type names

I want to define certain data type names for a structure called DataType. These data type names will be file names in a folder.
I searched for possible solutions but I couldn't go any further from the constraints.
But what I want is while creating the model in the solution, I want the possible names to be shown to the user while hitting Ctrl+space as it would for classifierType.

    concept DataType extends BaseConcept
     implements INamedConcept         
    instance can be root: false
    alias: <no alias>
    short description: <no short description>

    << ... >>

    type : ClassifierType[1]

    << ... >>

(So, instead of ClassifierType I want file names from the folder.)

Do you have any idea for this particular problem?
Thanks in advance,
Zehra Nur

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I would most likely try a parametrised substitution action - it would populate the completion menu with the file names and instantiate the appropriate nodes once the user picks a name.

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