MPS Book Volume II


I wanted to remind everybody who did not get the info via Twitter (@FabienCampagne) that the second volume of the MPS Language Workbench will release next week. The release will be iterative with a first set of chapters on April 15 and one more chapter every other week.

Attached is the PDF with a limited preview: table of contents, overview and index for the material written so far. Additional chapters are being written and will be included in the complete volume. Note that there a nice discount offered during the pre-order period via Google Play.

I am unable to see the PDF attachment.
Trying to upload the file again. If this does not work, I will also put it on the web site. VolumeII-TOC-Overview-Index-preflight-watermarked.pdf (1.3MB)
I guess you forgot to create a link to the attachment from the text - use the wiki syntax, e.g. [^]
It appears the forum rejects the file. I put it here instead.
Thanks for the tip Vaclav. I did not realize you had to do this. I thought that attaching the file was sufficient. Perhaps upload should enter a link at the cursor position in the document being edited. It would make it obvious that the reference has to be included somewhere in the text.
I agree. Many people have been puzzled already.
Hello Fabien,

I have a small question regarding your book. On pages 47 and 48 you are referring to a command and a read action block. Where did you get these from. I can not figure out what language I gave to import in order to modify my models.


EDIT: Just minutes after I wrote this question I finally figured it out. The language I was looking for is jetbrains.mps.lang.access . Nevertheless, I think it would be useful to include this reference into your book.
Hello Philipp, Thanks for the suggestion, I have added mention of the access language on these pages (will be in the next iterative release). Fabien
Dear  Fabien, I have got your book Volume I, you send me and I am very happy that hear this nice news that comes Volume II.

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