Adding Action to Tools Menu does not display Menu Item

I have added a plugin to my language. Therein I have added an action and an action group. However, I could not see a new menu item in the tools menu. The sources of information I was using to configure the actionGroup and the action were:

MPS Custom Action.png

The new menu item "Export to XML" does not show up in the tools menu and I have no idea what I am doing wrong or what is missing.

I am using MPS 3.2.1 for doing this (on Windows 7).
I'd suggest following a much more up-to-date documentation at and use a dedicated "Plugin solution".
Thank you, I'll try that out. Actually, I was aware of that up-to-date documentation but since the up-to-date documentation contains the link to Federico Tomassetti's quick and simple tutorial, I thought I could get away with less work :).
Sorry for puzzling you. I've added a comment to the page that should prevent such confusion in the future.
No problem. I have now followed the up-to-date documentation ( It works perfectly fine now, thanks.

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