How to create a custom wizard (similar to the migration wizard)

Hi everybody,

I have another question regarding MPS. I would like my MPS plugin to open a wizard when a button in my tool window is pressed. The user should be able to customize specific settings (e.g. the model) for the action that will be performed. This wizard should have similar look and feel to the MPS migration wizard.
Which classes do I need to implement for this?

As always thank you for your help!
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My recommendation would be to look into the sources and check out some of the existing wizards, e.g. GenerateBuildWizard.
You may find a few useful tips on getting and opening the MPS sources at

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Your answer has helped me a lot. As a reference for other people who are trying to doe the same these are the two classes you should extend:
- AbstractWizard
&nbsp- AbstractWizard
- StepAdapter

Then add the your steps, which extend the StepAdapter class, to your Wizard class with addStep().

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