Problems with Link Specialization

How come the target of a link that specializes some other link does not actually need to inherit from the specialized link's target?

Also, when I specialize a link in some concept, that concept's editor still lets me use (without error, even when generating) an instance of the original link's target instead of an instance of the target of the link specializing it. In particular, a child link's cell will itself insert an instance of the original link's target on an "Enter" key press when focused in it.

On the other hand, the "Ctrl+Space" menu only contains options corresponding to the specializing link's target, and attempting to paste a node will first check to make sure the specialization is upheld before completing. These two features behave as I would have expected, but it seems that specialization is not actually necessarily enforced in principle.

Am I missing something, or is this unintentional?
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Your observations are correct. We're considering to either remove or seriously re-design this functionality and so do not evolve it at the moment.

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