MPS integration - embed UML

Hi folks...
I found MPS plugins on

I need to embed some UML plugin inside MPS (like in "mbeddr").

In "mbeddr" MPS is integrated with set of tools. One of this tool is Graphviz.

How can I embed Graphviz (or some other) in my MPS, to create transformation of my model into UML model and visual see it inside MPS.
I can create transformation from my language model into UML model  (.uml or xmi) and see in inside Topcased tool.

Do you want to transform your model and then view it inside topcased (so external to MPS) or you you want to show some graphics inside MPS?

I want to see uml model inside MPS... So I want to embed some plugin or something else... any suggestion?
I can create transformation (MPS generator) to create UML model...
So you could e.g. use mbeddr's plantUML view (and optionally language). here you can create a simple plantUML string which is then rendered as uml diagram. (

To view it inside MPS there is no need to write an MPS generator.

Is that what you are looking for?

I create small DSL language and generate appropriate UML model (uml class model) inside MPS. I want to see that UML model inside MPS.

At the and I want to create workbench based on MPS that will contain my language and all required plugins.

I will try to see how to integrate MPS with plantUML and graphviz.

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