Graph Diagrams (com.mbeddr.mpsutil.jung)

Hello forum!

I have a question regarding the Graph Diagrams from JUNG framework. I looked into the sample DepGraphHelper, but I can't figure out how to integrate it in my language. Customizing colors etc. is not that important.
It would be cool if this framework could work out generic like the C Code visualization in the mbeddr tutorial project.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards
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Have you looked at mbeddr and how we use the JUNG diagrams there?
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Thanks for your reply, Markus!

Yes, I've looked into the tutorial project provided by mbeddr.
In the C files it works and looks very well. But I need JUNG diagrams in my own language. In my solution where I edit my DSL (no C file) I want to click "Show Graph Viewer" and my diagram should be displayed.

So my question is if I need to implement the Framework like the class DepGraphHelper does?
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I solved it searching for usages of the Chunk concept, which showed me how to implement four abstract methods in the behavior aspect.

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