The plan for 3.3 is pretty much set and described properly in the roadmap. The following releases are a much less decided at the moment. Is there a specific feature that you are interested in?
Hi Vaclav,

Just downloaded the 3.3 EAP, but couldn't find anything (within MPS as well as online) about web-based projectional editors. Is it already in there (if yes, how can I make a web-based editor from MPS?) or will it arrive in the 3.3 final version?
Hi Vaclav,

I'd also be interested in a web based editor. Maybe someone could confirm whether this awesome feature is already shipped with 3.3. EAP.

Is there a specific feature that you are interested in?

Keep up the great work! (Y) Someone mentioned it in another thread - It would be cool to have multiple generators or rather textgens in one language.
Hello gentlemen,

we will not be able to make the web editor part of MPS 3.3, unfortunately. It still needs quite some effort before we can call it ready. Also, most likely, it will be distributed separately from MPS as a separate tool.

If anyone’s interested, the project’s github page is https://github.com/JetBrains/jetpad-projectional
Hi msch95,

I actually understood that I didn't really needed multiple textgen thanks to Markus Völter and Tamás Szabó. They help me see that I wanted to use model-to-model transformation and translate my meta-language model to multiple root concepts in another language, in my case ObjC class interface and class implementation, each of those root concepts has a single textgen.

In this way you can translate any meta-concept to multiple other concepts and thus achieve the goal of multiple textgen.

Thank you,
Hi Ido!

Thanks for your input. Yes I know that. But I needed a xml file and a C# source file. The first one was built in the generator aspect and the C# code in textgen. I didn't define a language for C#, because I only needed to define interfaces and enums. This can easy be achieved with a Stringbuilder.
For the sake of convenience I defined another language, which maps to the root concept of the other.
Anyways, there are several methods to accomplish it. They are described in the forum here as well.

fxlex, do you have this from a reliable source or are you assuming based on the scope of the project?

Vaclav, can you confirm if jetpad-projectional is the separate tool you were referring to regarding web-based editing for MPS?

Also, I would suggest to update the various versions of the roadmap (at least 3 versions that I am aware of, this one still mentions web-based support in MPS 3.3: https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/MPS/MPS+public+roadmap).
I’m afraid but I’m just assuming. I would also love to have more information about this.
Yes, https://github.com/JetBrains/jetpad-projectional holds the core of the future web-based editor functionality. There are also links to on-line demos on the page.
Please, expect to hear more from us on this in a few months.

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