Getting MPS Diagram Editor to run

Hi folks,

I tried to get the mps-diagram-editor ( to run, but unfortunately without much success. I was happy when I found this forum entry (, leading me over to to download the plugin. Unfortunately it does not seem to be available anymore. So I went for the MPS 3.1.4 v2.0.0 version of the plugin, which I am not able to load into MPS. Even though I followed the instructions on github:

"The plugins are not packed separately as a zip-File. There is one zip-File (, that contains all plugins. You have to extract it into the MPS "plugins" folder and then all plugins are available."

Does anyone has some ideas/instructions on how to get the mps-diagram-editor running in MPS 3.2 ?

Did you include it here?
JetBrains\MPS 3.2\plugins
The sample also works for me.

Thx for your reply! That is exactly what I did. All the plugins appear in the plugin list of MPS, but unfortunately that breaks the internal editor for ConceptDeclarations. Furthermore, I don't know how use/instantiate the diagram editor then...
Ok. I only used the project hosted by Sascha Lißon on github and played around a bit. But unfortunately that was 3 months ago.
I've never included this package in my own language.
Maybe you could provide a screenshot, which depicts your error.
Awesome - Thx! Now, how am I going to create a component diagram in MPS?
I mean how can I create two components and connect their ports?
Sorry, but I don't really have a clue how to use the plugin once I've included it properly...
The examples in the github project give me somehow some errors (Shape Definitions are broken), so I cant play around with them.

Could you please provide a very basic example, creating a diagram in MPS?
Here you can download a working copy of the repository with all modules generated and compiled:

You can find some example implementations in the diagram folder, after opening the project.
On which (Java) library is your diagram editor based? (Just interested)
Thanks. That's pretty cool. May I ask you one more question?
I looked at your sample R1 located in de.itemis.mps.editor.diagram.sandbox and I saw that the diagram and the 'code' doesn't sync.
I exactly need such a diagram with code sync for my use case and I'd be grateful if you can elaborate if this is possible or if I'm doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!
In the example, the diagram is not a projection of the code above. In the same sandbox is also a class "C1" that shows a call graph for the methods in the class. In that example, the diagram is updated after you add/remove a method or a method call.
I saw that. But unfortunately I can't create a diagram for my own small Java class down there. Is there are shortcut for it? Moreover I'd really need the projection of code and vice versa for my own DSL.

public class MyClass { 
  public void x() { 
  public void y() { 
    <no statements> 

I appreciate your time.
There is an example in de.itemis.mps.editor.diagram.demo.activity.sandbox that allows to to switch between text and diagram projection. Enable/Disable the editor hint "ActivityAsDiagram" to change the projection.
Perhaps that's a bit off-topic.
I experienced that the collapsible control in your language .collapsible, which is pretty cool thought, sometimes can't be expanded. Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce it.
Ok, Sascha.
I was able to reproduce it today. If I click Reload all classes it can't be expanded. If I close and open the concept again, it works. I don't really know, whether that's a bug or not..
I have fixed it in the MPS 3.3 Version. Thank you for your help.


I have one more common use case for the collapsible control in my language. When a user is in the sandbox, he wants to search with CTRL+F in the sandbox for a string, which is located under the closed collapsible control.

Unfortunately, MPS cannot search for strings located under a closed collapsible control. Is that problem MPS core or language specific?


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