reference failure

Hello forum!

I experienced a problem with the editor.
My editor looks like this:
(% ref1 % -> {inparameter}) . (% ref2 % -> {outparameter})

Between the '.' and the two references I added the property
punctuation-left : true

It's weird that I don't get the possibility to input a ref2 in the sandbox. I believe it's the problem with the '.' and the punctuation-left property. If I add it looks like this

Thanks in advance!
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I suspect the cause of the trouble must be somewhere else. I did not experience any problems trying to reproduce your issue. Does it start working, if you remove the punctuation-left property? Could you check that there are any ref2 targets in scope?

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There are ref2 targets. I checked it. I fixed it using
and adding
punctuation right
punctuation left

and NO punctuation-left property on ref2

Thanks for your time, Vaclav. I don't know what's the concrete problem.
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I misread your explanation, sorry - I thought you only set the property on the '.'
Setting punctuation-left on the ref2 node has the effect that the cursor position between '.' and ref2 belongs to '.', and so code-completion provides suggestions for the '.' cell, which there are obviously none.
Setting punctuation-right on the '.' instead is a correct way to handle this scenario.


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