Annotating a Module is not saved persistently


I wrote a NodeAnnotation to add it to a module, because I want to find the node that this reference points to easily within the whole module, without always searching for it.

(Dont mind the name ; the "module" in the code below has nothing to do with the concept of module in MPS )

Adding and using this NodeAnnotation on a module of a solution works fine, just it is not saved when I close the project and open it again. Is that wanted behavior? If the answer is yes, can someone point me to the place where this is implemented, so that I can make a decision to either make a change in the code, or find another solution.






Hi Jochen,

node attributes when created become part of the models and thus should stay attached to their nodes even after re-opening your project.




I think the word "module" caused some misunderstanding. I am adding a NodeAttribute to the mps-module : node.model.module.@MYannotation

But that annotation doesnt survive a restart.


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