How to debug plugin loading of MPS standalone editor?


I'm currently building a standalone distribution of MPS that has my DSLs and some custom plugins pre-installed. Unfortunately, when I launch the editor via the script I see this error message in the event log: 

Plugin Error
Problems found loading plugins:

Plugin "MyCustomLanguage" was not loaded: required plugin "MPS Core" not installed.
Plugin "MyCustomLanguage2" was not loaded: required plugin "MPS Core" not installed.
Plugin "MyCustomPlugin" was not loaded: required plugin "MPS Core" not installed.

Disable not loaded plugins
Enable MPS Core
Open plugin manager

In the terminal I only see this output:

OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option MaxPermSize=350m; support was removed in 8.0
[ 0] INFO - mps.library.LibraryInitializer - Adding libraries from jetbrains.mps.library.contributor.BootstrapLibContributor
[ 3] INFO - mps.library.LibraryInitializer - Adding libraries from jetbrains.mps.library.LibraryManager
[ 4] INFO - mps.library.LibraryInitializer - Adding libraries from jetbrains.mps.library.contributor.PluginLibrariesContributor
[ 1145] INFO - mps.library.LibraryInitializer - Loading 17 libraries
[ 7674] INFO - s.plugins.PluginLoaderRegistry - Loading of 69 plugins took 1.018 s
[ 9093] INFO - mps.library.LibraryInitializer - Adding libraries from jetbrains.mps.project.ProjectLibraryManager
[ 9820] INFO - s.project.StandaloneMPSProject - Project 'Project1' opened
[ 9824] INFO - s.project.StandaloneMPSProject - Initializing project
[ 9825] INFO - s.project.StandaloneMPSProject - Reading modules
[ 10769] INFO - ps.ide.make.StartupModuleMaker - Making modules on startup
[ 11274] INFO - ps.ide.make.StartupModuleMaker - Compilation on startup is finished

Is there a way to enable verbose or debug console output so I can obtain more information about the problem? I'm on MPS 3.2.3 if that makes any difference.


Sidenote: This new forum system is so much worse when it comes to formatting question content than the old solution.


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To me this seems like you do not have the right dependencies set in the build script, maybe "mpsStandalone" is missing?

You may check the /plugins directory in the generated application to see, whether it contains the mps-core plugin.

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Hi Vaclav, 

the plugin in present in the build script and also packaged into /plugins folder. MPS even recognizes it in the plugin section of the settings but MPS Core and a lot of other plugins are not loaded (see screenshot). The only plugins loaded successfully are the Git and the SVN plugin

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Any updates on this problem? We experience the same issue...

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Short info: it is possible for us to build the standalone by running the build scripts in on a Mac. However, the fails to produce a correct MPS version (error same as above). 

Details can be found here: 

I'm also interested in how you guys bundle MPS with JRE 1.8, because the 1.6 is awfully slow on my Mac and flickers.


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