Intentions not working with "use default hints"


At some point in the devolpment of our project the intentions stopped working when "use default hints" is selected. The moment we change it to "use custom hints" the intentions work again. It doesnt matter if one of our custom hints is checked or no hint at all  is checked , as long as "use Custom hints" is chosen.

I entered a warning into the isApplicable of our intentions, so that I can see if it gets called with "use default hints". I does not!  Not only our added Intentions stopped working, also all normal Intentions of MPS stopped working.


Any Ideas?


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This to me looks like a bug that deserves investigation. I've created a YouTrack issue at

Could you please add any relevant details or even the whole project, if it is small, to help us reproduce it?


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I have to check how much of the project I can share with you. This may take a week as the responsible person is on a conference this week. I will get back to you with as much information as I am allowd to share at this moment.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback. The issue is fixed. In several intentions, we accessed the editor hints from within the isApplicable()-method like:

string[] editorHints = editorContext.getEditorComponent().getUpdater().getInitialEditorHints();

However, we didn't check for editorHints == null and consequently got for default hints a NullPointerException. The problem was that MPS didn't provide any information on the issue. Happily I'm also running MPS from sources and there I just noticed that IntelliJ was complaining about the isApplicabileToNode method, where it caught a NullPointerException.

So in the end it was our fault, but proper information would help to detect the problem ;)



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