Interview to Vaclav Pech on Jetbrains MPS: the community and the future

Hi everyone,
perhaps some of you could be interested in reading this interview to Vaclav about MPS:

He talks about different topics: how the community is growing, what are the plans for the future and he gives us interesting insights on MPS.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!



Thanks for sharing this interesting interview!


Thank you for being part of this community! If you ever want to share your projects or your ideas of MPS I would be very interested in publishing them on my blog


Thanks for the offer Federico! That would be really nice :)

We're using MPS to integrate software product line implementation techniques. In particular, we provide different projections (e.g., feature-oriented, delta-oriented, annotative, product) of the common variability-aware AST. Thus, instead of requiring developers to implement complicated refactorings, MPS allows us moving fluidly between those techniques.

We're currently polishing our prototype and conduct several case studies. However, as we wanted to move on fast, we made a few ad-hoc hacks in MPS's core to help us proving our concepts. But that's how it is for now...

As soon as the prototype goes public, I'll let you know :)

BTW, every developer in our team fell in love with MPS. As a result, I have difficulties using "normal" editors :D I'm also very impressed in how fast one can prototype new languages in MPS. For instance, we bought a new robot arm for our lab and didn't like its script language. Guess what we did ;)


That sounds awesome Benjamin! I am looking forward to hear more about it. I hope we can have this interview sooner rather than later :)


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