Using MPS to validate and read DSL into POJOs

I read and viewed videos about MPS for about 3-4 hours and I still unable to answer the question - is MPS is suitable for my need so I will ask it here.


There is a YAML DSL defined by the community (


I need to:

1. Validate and read this DSL into POJOs (An engine will use these POJOs in order to create the resources).

2. Allow a user that writes such DSLs to use an IDE with syntax coloring, validation and smart completion.


Can I achieve these goals with MPS? If so, can you please share an example?



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@1. If I understood you correctly you generate a Plain Old Java Object out of this DSL. MPS works really well with Java. I don't know how this engine works, so I can't give you an answer on that one.
@2. Yeah this is possible.

Syntax Coloring can be done in the editor aspect:


Maybe an existing MPS language for YAML exists already.


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