com.mbeddr.doc.latex add usepackage commands


the Latex documents created in MPS seem to be converted to text by LatexDocument_TextGen in com.mbeddr.doc.latex.TextGen, if i'm right.

And I am looking for a way to add some text to the preamble to include in my case the "tikz" and "graphicx" packages.

Can I do this somehow by extending this language without changing the com.mbeddr.doc.latex sources?


Thanks for your ideas/help.



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You can extend languages. See here: (You have to define an "extend" scope)




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msch95 thanks for your quick reply, yet I didn't manage to get it working.

I added com.mbeddr.doc.latex with an extends scope as dependency for my new language. and added a TextGen model inside which i added a jetbrains.mps.lang.textGen.struture.ConceptTextGenDeclaration for LatexDocument.

However although I added my new language as a used laguage in my solution with my Latex Document, the Latex Document doesn't seem to be generated with my newly added ConceptTextGenDeclaration.

I don't yet understand how to override a TextGen of another language or how to define which TextGen should be used if there are multiple ConceptTextGenDeclarations available. Perhaps someone can help me here...


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