Set Icon for node

Dear all,

I want to set icon for my root nodes.

In my model I have several concepts that can be roots, by instead of default icon for nodes (n), I want to set different icon for each nodes.

It is possible?



Sure, you need to specify the path to the icon for each concept - it is located in the Inspector window, when editing a structure of a concept declaration.




Vaclav, can icon depend on the node contents?

For instance: top-level node is a "typedef". Its contents might be "enum/struct/etc".

Is it possible for "typedef" to have different icons based on the contents?


Dusan, there's mbeddr's iconchar plugin (see so you can generate icons based on letters.


The BaseConcept's getMarkIcons() and getAditionalIcon() behavior methods can be used to customize the icon. For example, Classifier from BaseLanguage utilizes this functionality to differentiate static, final and runnable classes with extra marks, and to indicate visibility with additional visual indicator.



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