Using mps file-per-root in intellij


we are trying to use mps as intellij plugin, and we need to create a file per root model. Inside mps we can do this, but inside intellij We don't find the option. Can you help us please?

Raul Oliveira

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Hi Raul,

First you need to add MPS Facet to java module, where you are going to create MPS concepts. In MPS Facet add model root and mark src folder as Models folder.

Now on java package under src folder use context menu: New -> Use MPS language here. Choose language to use. You can add more languages by opening model properties on this package (F4).

After that in context menu: New -> Root item will appear:

In appeared dialog you can choose one of root concepts:

Created root will appear under package:



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Hi Victor,

It worked perfectly.




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