Set "focus" on editor component / "override" editor cell with editor component to use component's actions?


since a few days I am trying to get actions to work which are set in editor components. The editor that contains the editor component looks like the following:

The concept MClass has a reference to one feature expression (MClass extends another concepts and the supertype implements a concept which contains this reference) which is correctly displayed by the editor component, but the actions of the editor component don't work - only the actions of MClass are executed when the user writes the keyword of the action.

This is how the editor looks when it is used:

One thing I noticed is that MPS uses the editor of MClass instead of the editor component for feature expressions when the user clicks on one of the expressions. I suppose this might be the reason why MPS only uses the actions of MClass. Is it possible to "force" MPS to use the editor component of the feature expressions and make use of its actions? Or is this some kind of limitation of editor components / references / MPS? Or do I have to set any properties

The strange thing is that we use the "normal" editors (the editor components are an exact copy of these) of the feature expression language in another language and there everything works without a problem (we also use one very simple editor component called "FE_Creation_Action" in the first screenshot with only one action and it it also seems to work). The only difference is that this language contains the expressions as children whereas the problematic language only has a reference. Moreover, the normal editors also don't have a common "supertype" like the editor components (could this or one of the "overrides" be the problem?):

This is how one of the "normal" editors look like:

What could be the problem? I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me.

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I can't reproduce the issue, which makes me believe that either your editor definition is somewhat special or I misunderstood your description.




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