Make "reference" read-only based on a property of "source node"

Suppose Customer concept has a "location" reference.

In Customer's editor there's (%location% -> {locationName}) entry to show the location.

I want to make "location" editable based on a property of a Customer.

The problem is when I use

read-only: (editorContext, node) -> ... stuff on a {locationName}, then "node" is the Location itself, not the Customer. What is the proper way to access customer's properties when specifying styles for CellModel_RefCell -> CellModel_Property?


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Indeed, {locationName} evaluates the query in the context of the reference target. To access the properties of the reference source, you will need to be specifying "editable" on the CellModel_RefCell (aka %location%).



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editable:false does not prevent "edit via ctrl+space autocomplete".

read-only: true at the {locationName} prevents all kinds of modifications.


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