Generating C code out of a MPS language

Hello forum!

First of all I've installed all elements of mbeddr. What I'm trying to do wright now, is to generate C code out of my MPS language, which looks like this:

root Struct

  property: name string

  children: attr Attributes[*]


In the sandbox I entered

struct Car

int horsepower

string Ford


My question is now, how do I have to configure my generator in my Struct language? I made a BuildConfiguration in my sandbox and in the generator of my language Struct a root mapping rule, which points to a module. The module takes the root concept of Struct as in input and should replace the property macros I've inserted, with the details, which the user entered in the sandbox. A make file, a .c and a .h are generated but my property macros aren't working. Does someone have an idea, what's going on here?



m sch

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