(read only) status after using plugin


I developed a plugin solution which depends on a language I also created. Then I created build solution to build an MPS plugin with this language and the solution in it.

I used the plugin manager to integreate my plugin, and it works just as I planed.

BUT ...


In the MPS environment the solution and the language that are used to build the plugin are now set to :   (read only)


Couldnt find anything about that in the docu or the forum. I found articles about intellij and that a Git may set this (read only) status, but that doesnt seem to be the solution either.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I assume this is because you have the plugin installed in the plugin manager of your MPS while you open the actual plugin project. There's a clash between the deployed plugin and the plugin sources (project).

You'll need to uninstall the plugin.


That is correct. But why would the sources, that I assume are copied and packed into the zip file , be made (read only) as they dont have a direct connection to the running plugin? or said in another way, the running plugin is a copy of the original sources, why make the original sources (read only) ?


I suspect that this is because MPS currently cannot distinguish between modules with the same identity. Similarly you would have troubles opening two projects in MPS at the same time, if they contain modules with identical names.


Confirmed! I have the same Problem. If there is no fix for this, would be good to get a warning or something else.


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