On using Light Quotation

Hi, I am using Light Quotation inside the test aspect. To do so I import in the tests aspect the structure model of the same language. I can at that point define my light quotation nodes however I get an error during generation. It seems it fails to find the concept:


at jetbrains.mps.smodel.constraints.ModelConstraints.getDefaultConcreteConcept(ModelConstraints.java:215)
at jetbrains.mps.smodel.SModelUtil_new.instantiateConceptDeclaration(SModelUtil_new.java:78)


What I am missing? Aren't light quotations intended to be used inside the language definition? What dependecies should I use?



You can try to build only the structure aspect of your language first. It looks like MPS tries to access classes that are not generated yet.


Thank you Sascha. I thought about that but building the language does not help. Probably the simplest thing is to move tests to a separate solution. Alternatively I am not sure if I can should add constraints on the order in which the aspects are generated.


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